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In purchasing Optimum Vitamin Nutrition - In the production of quality animal foods you are buying a fully functional unrestricted personalised PDF version of the book for your own personal use.

You ebook will be personalised with the name entered in the "Name" field of the purchasing process. This field should be completed with an individuals name, and not a company or other name.

Each book will also have a unique referecne number, linking the book to the users account. This number can be used to obtain a discount on the hard copy of the book. This number can only be used once for this purpose.

Please note you may make copies of the PDF for your own personal use to allow you to read/store the book on multiple devices. You can not distribute the book to others people or devices that you are not for your sole use.

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A hard back version of this book is now available and can be ordered via this website.

Final prices include worldwide shipping at a cost of £15.00.

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